Deep feelings by Leonid Afremov

Miles apart

From a ninth story window, I can see the whole New York. When things become more or less silent, I go out to the balcony. At first, I water the plants (what would a florist be without them!). Next I let fresh air in and wait for the stars to appear. I always make a wish when the first one shines in the evening sky. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote, ‘Night, when words fade and things come alive. When man reassembles his fragmentary self and grows with the calm of a tree’. All of us need some rest at the end of the day, it’s true. My husband is a sailor, so he’s often away. When I watch the stars above the silhouettes of famous buildings, I don’t feel lonely. Both of us look at the same sky!

Blurred tenderness

On our anniversary, my husband made me a wonderful present – an oil canvas which portraying two figures against the night city. There are no famous silhouettes depicted here.  But it doesn’t make the painting by Leonid Afremov less charming. I’d call it ‘Happiness takes no account of time’. Especially for a couple in love. A sweet feeling comes over them and they can’t fight it. At this very moment, there are only two of them in the whole world. Standing on the bridge at such a late hour, our heroes don’t care about the rainy weather. The artist hides them from the nasty rain and turns cold, unfriendly drops into a multicolored waterfall. Pay attention to the depiction of the main characters:

  • The girl’s and the boy’s features are diffused.
  • It’s impossible to distinguish the colors of their clothes too.
  • Their hands seem to be joined as one.

This ‘blurring effect’ leaves a viewer much room for a flight of fancy. In the background, instead, Leonid paints everything down to the smallest details such as window frames and wrought railings. He makes an interesting contrast, as for me.

It’s still a mystery for me how Afremov succeeds in being so emotional. Only one posture is enough to understand that people are in love. Did you notice how the boy hugs the girl with his legs wrapped around her? He doesn’t want to let her go. When my husband leaves me before another voyage I don’t want to say goodbye to him. Take care of your nearest and dearest, kiss them as often as you can and support them no matter what!

image (2)

Boundaries are open

I notice only good qualities in people and it helps a lot. Actually, I never get upset because I think positively and enjoy my life. I believe that there are no boring activities – you should just find a way to make them interesting. Let me give you an example. Teenagers hate going to art galleries. Why? Cause there is always an old woman watching you and speaking monotonously. She produces a hundred of words per minute: half of them are unknown but you have to give a nod of understanding each time she stares at you. And don’t touch the paintings under any circumstances! Otherwise, you’ll be kicked out immediately. The solution is to visit a gallery with a friend but without a guide. And you’ll easily fall in love with art then. We were once all children who loved dreaming up. Now it’s time to use your imagination again and no one will tell you what’s right or what’s wrong. Have a look at this picture: Do you know exactly why the author put a tree on the wolf’s back? Or what those pieces of ice (or blue wings, I’m not sure) are doing in the beast’s hair? Do that scull and antlers scare you? How do you feel about the image in general? Sometimes even the artist doesn’t know how to explain the composition of their work. When inspiration comes, they follow it obediently. And then the viewer contemplates the outcome, clueless and excited. And it’s great!


Surrounded with roses

Hi, I’m Jessie Adams from California. I’ve been working as a florist for 7 years. You might argue it’s not a job at all but can you imagine a holiday without flowers? I guess not. I meet people who are in love, those who are getting married or just looking for a pleasant surprise to make. I smile not because I have to be amiable with clients – it’s my state of mind! I feel sorry for a fishmonger: the whole family can smell from the doorway that he’s back home. And I smell daisies, tulips, lilies… One day I’ll invent my own perfume cause it’s easy to create a fragrance when you know the ingredients from A to Z!